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How to Clean Copper Jewelry: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the best techniques for preserving your copper jewelry's shine. Explore how to clean copper jewelry effectively and maintain its lustrous beauty.

11/9/20237 min read

a close up of a copper bracelet bracelet
a close up of a copper bracelet bracelet

Bright and warm and packed with healing properties, the copper jewelry has been used for a long time. It is renowned for its ability to soothe joints and muscle pains and pains; copper also helps fight the visible signs of aging. Additionally, it can enhance cardiovascular well-being and promote emotional balance. While your copper takes care of you, it's equally essential to maintain your jewelry made of copper. Regular cleaning keeps the gorgeous metal shining and reduces any effects caused by the oxidization process, which could affect the stunning design of your copper jewelry. We examine the methods to cleanse your copper jewelry and outline the advantages and cons of each technique.

Why You Should Clean Your Copper Jewelry

The copper glows you keep on your jewelry will shine with its unique reddish-gold color and minimize the impression that copper leaves behind. Copper is more prone to tarnish than sterling silver or gold due to the oxidation process. Because copper reacts to anything from chlorine to sweat, the chemicals found in lotions, and even your skin, the exposure could cause your copper jewelry to become tarnished as it turns black and make your skin appear with a tinge of green when you put on.

This is a normal part of copper, but it also means that if you want to keep your gorgeous copper jewelry shining and shining, you should give it some TLC to keep it in good condition. Cleaning your copper jewelry frequently will make it come back to life, give it that gorgeous shine, and eliminate the blackness and any accumulation of debris, dirt, and leftover lotions that could contribute to the natural green patina created on the skin. Cleaning your copper jewelry is simple and is done using many home products.

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How To Clean Copper Jewelry

Maintaining jewelry made of copper with regularly scheduled cleaning is essential. Even if the copper item is tarnished and smudged, you can save it and restore it to its original splendor using simple home remedies and standard household cleaning products. There are various methods for cleaning copper, from simple solutions using salt water to using the ketchup bottle to create household cleaning solutions using natural ingredients. We have many ideas to assist you in bringing your jewelry back to its original glory.

How To Clean Copper Jewelry With Vinegar

Vinegar is among the top choices for household cleaning. White vinegar is an excellent choice for copper as well. While vinegar may be acidic', it is only mildly acidic, which means it acts as a disinfectant. It can effortlessly remove dirt and grime without causing damage to your precious piece of jewelry made from copper. Put your copper jewelry in a bowl of vinegar and let it soak for about 15 minutes. You can add table salt, bringing out the shine and polish. Then, wash it well, wipe it dry, and polish it until shiny using the help of a soft cloth.


  • simple method

  • low-cost materials


  • Avoid using vinegar if your copper pieces are adorned with gemstones

  • It can be a pungent odor

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Cleaning using Baking Soda and lemon juice

If vinegar is too strong for your taste buds, it is also possible to choose lemon juice or baking soda. Fresh and fragrant lemon is well-known for its ability to cut through dirt and provide a stunning shine to the copper surface. It also comes with the benefit of acting as a disinfectant as well. Baking soda is an excellent choice to add a new shine to the worn-out copper parts. For cleaning with this technique, blend lemon juice and baking soda until you've created a baking soda paste. Please use this paste and a soft brush to clean your copper jewelry before cleaning it thoroughly using the dry towel to polish it back to shine. Add soda and lemon juice to a bowl and allow your jewelry to soak for several hours to remove the most stubborn stains and tarnish marks.


  • great for stubborn marks

  • is a pleasing scent.


  • Do not use this technique if your copper pieces contain gemstones.

Use Soapy Water for Light Cleaning

One of the simplest ways to clean light with regard to your copper objects is to wash them with clean water and a gentle soap solution. A few drops of delicate dishwashing soap is all you need to keep your copper items clean of body oils and everyday dirt. Clean your copper pieces using a soft cloth, soap, and warm water. If you're looking for a deeper cleaning, use a toothbrush with a soft bristle to give a gentle scrub. Make use of a clean, dry cloth to rub.


  • The simplest way

  • Low cost


  • It could not work with heavier dirt.

Lemon Juice and Salt

This easy cleansing mix includes the acidic component of lemon juice and the salt's scouring properties. It is possible to rid your precious jewelry of scuff, dirt, and marks by sprinkling table salt on a freshly cut lemon and then rubbing it into your jewelry made of copper. Cleanse thoroughly, wipe dry, and use a jewelry polishing cloth to add shine and sparkle.


  • simple ingredients

  • Pleasant aroma


  • Avoid this technique if your copper pieces contain gemstones.


Salt is a fantastic cleaner among the most commonly used household items. Salt can be used on all types of metals, including copper. A teaspoon of salt is enough to cleanse your jewelry of tough tarnishes and staining. Mix salt with warm water and place in the oven until the salt disintegrates. Take it off the heat and add your jewelry to the salt solution for a few minutes. Employing a soft bristle tooth to scrub away any dirt is also possible. Rinse the copper with water and then use an encapsulated microfiber towel to return your copper to its rosy, lustrous luster.


  • simple method

  • makes use of everyday household items


  • could not work with difficult staining

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Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is a fantastic ingredient in the kitchen that can be used to shine and clean any copper pieces. The sauce is composed of salt and vinegar (similar to Ketchup); therefore, these are the two most effective ingredients to add shine to your copper jewelry. Worcestershire sauce can be used as a cleaner; place it over your copper jewelry and allow it to sit for a while. This allows the ingredients to impart their acidic properties, soak into tough spots, and cause tarnish. Utilize a sponge to scrub off any problematic areas. Clean thoroughly, then rub dry.


  • good at removing discoloration


  • is dirty


Because tomato ketchup relies on the two primary ingredients, vinegar as well as salt (not to include the acidic aspect of tomatoes), It makes an excellent product for home cleaning. It is among the most well-known condiments available there. Ketchup is a crucial ingredient in cleaning copper and can also bring the shine back to silver jewelry. Cover your copper jewelry with a layer of Ketchup and let it rest for a while to allow the ingredients to work to dissolve the copper oxide layer. Apply a clean cloth to any areas that have become black or tarnished, then rinse with water, pat dry, and polish to give it a shine.


  • a kitchen staple

  • great at restoring shine


  • It is not the cleanest job

  • There is a strong smell that can be detected

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Lacquered vs. Unlacquered

Lacquer finishes on copper jewelry can help keep copper patina from creating a green tint when it comes into contact with human skin. It's also beneficial in slowing the tarnishing process and making your copper jewelry shine. But, over some time, even copper that has been lacquered may dull. Polishing your lacquered jewelry will assist in restoring the brightness, but you should only use methods that are as strong as when cleaning jewelry that isn't lacquered since you might end up scratching away the lacquer. If you have lacquered jewelry, you can apply polishing cloth.

Why Is Copper Used In Jewelry?

Copper is a well-loved choice for jewelry due to its distinctive coloring, range of healing properties, and broad accessibility. It's a standard metal that won't cost a fortune. Many people love it for its positive effect on their bodies, but it also has a spiritual significance and acts as a link between physical and spiritual. Copper is an innovative and essential element to the body. As a balancing agent of emotions and a conduit for energy flow, copper jewelry can fill your life with meaning and energy.

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Copper jewelry offers many health advantages, so it's a sought-after metal. Here are some benefits to mind, body, and spirit that copper can bring to the table...

  • Anti-inflammatory, therefore, aids in reducing pain and aches within the body.

  • assists in building an effective immune system

  • helps the body absorb iron.

  • is a conductor of energy

  • can help to ward off the visible age-related signs

  • will increase your bio aura

FAQs- How to clean copper jewelry?

How can I make my copper jewelry shine?

If you want to restore the shine to your copper jewelry, you can use various techniques using everyday household items. Baking soda and lemon juice or salt water bath, vinegar, and vinegar can remove the tarnish from your copper jewelry and transform it into sparkling new.

What is the best method to cleanse a copper-colored bracelet?

Lemon salt, lemon, and baking powder are some of the most effective methods to clean copper bracelets. If you're looking for a light clean, use soap, warm water, or saltwater. For a more thorough clean, you can ask for vinegar or Ketchup to aid in buffing the surface back into shine.

Do you know how to cleanse damaged copper?

Baking soda, lemon juice, and toothbrushes are excellent methods of cleaning damaged copper. You can also use Ketchup due to its high acidity and salt and vinegar, which can eliminate difficult staining.

What is the best way to clean your copper jewelry after oxidizing?

Clean up worn-out copper jewelry by making a thin mixture of salt and vinegar, applying it to your copper pieces, and letting it rest for between 15 and 1 hour, depending on how the piece is tarnished. After that, polish it using an ergofiber-based cloth to restore it to its original shine.